The establishment of a wage scale at a country level is a function consisting of many factors which influence in their own way to achieve a balance between the economy and the cost of living of each country. Talking about Poland, this balance was achieved after long-term changes, thus creating the last years, fertile ground for people who want to live and work in the country.

Which Are The Parameters Affecting The Average Salary In Poland?

Of course, we could say that the cost of living is one of the most important factors, as the pay scale is fixed considering people’s needs. However, in this article we are going to discuss those factors which affect also the whole economy of the country, creating in that way a holistic view and conclusion on the final average salary in Poland. Pay attention! You will read amounts that will probably make you feel quite uncomfortable, but you can look at the cost of living in Poland in order to realize if those amounts are much or less! In general, without considering the below factors, the minimum gross salary in Poland is 473€.



In which way, age affects the average salary in Poland?

People over 25 for example, are more favored and get paid better than younger people who are entitled to the minimum wage, and that’s because it is supposed that as you get older you have more financial obligations to settle. However, the difference is not that big and varies to 100€ more.

The job type influences the average salary in Poland

The job type is a very important factor and sometimes the salary is determined by the company’s policy and not the country’s legislation. For example, the unskilled worker may start with the minimum wage depending his age and later to evolve the wage-earnings according to what the company can offer. On the other hand, a specialized employee obviously will be paid better with an average salary in Poland which starts from 1000€ and can be increased proportionately by qualifications and the company.

Level of education react to the average salary in Poland

It could be included in the above category, but it can stand also alone. As it is said above, the unskilled worker will be paid with the minimum average salary in Poland, while if you have a bachelor’s degree, automatically you belong in another wage category. Respectively, with a master’s degree, you change category, with a doctorate you can claim more, while certificates on software, foreign languages or computers, rank you in the specialized staff category with a higher average salary in Poland. To be more specific, with at least a degree on your hands, you ‘ll have an average salary in Poland of 1024.11€ and for each one more you will have approximately 200€ more on your monthly salary. Certificates such as the foreign languages and the computers do not provide so big difference in the salary but for sure they affect.

Work experience induces the average salary in Poland

Proven three years work experience in the same category you are going to work, rank you on a higher salary scale. For example, if you were working in the company A as an accountant for more than three years and you are going to work in the company B in the same position, you deserve according to the polish legislation higher salary. If you work for six years in the same position you can raise more the pay scale. However, if you work in different positions you cannot fortify this opportunity.

Working hours and job type

Last years and due to the financial crisis, developed in Europe part-time jobs, mini-jobs, jobs with contract etc. Depending on the contract you will sign with the company, you will have the corresponding salary which is a result of the working hours and the job type. Part-time and mini-jobs are usually settled from different wage legislation creating in that way another category of the average salary in Poland because they are addressed mainly to students.

Concluding, the average salary in Poland is quite favorable not only to the Polish citizens but also to foreigners who start from the zero in Poland. The cost of living as well as the job opportunities create an environment conducive to relocation.

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