employment in poland

The term employment in Poland consists of many things, such as the legislation to which the working conditions are subject, the advantages you have over other candidates because of the extra knowledge, or training, or the certificates you may have, the documents you need if you are an immigrant in Poland and many other parameters which lay under the term employment in Poland.  Some of them are going to be shown below.

Employment In Poland- The Corresponding Legislation.

The existing contracts for employment in Poland.

There are two types of contracts used by far according to the employment in Poland, the employment contract & the civil-law contract. The first type is focused on permanent workers in a company with specified working hours, specified tasks and, specified salary. On the other hand, the second type of contract is addressed mainly to external patterns and the contract usually includes the type of project which is going to be undertaken, its cost, and the time in which it should be over.

The working conditions in Poland.

As in every European country there are several established rules for the working conditions in Poland, such as the working hours which must be 40 hours per week, the overtimes which should not be over 48 hours in a week, the breaks which constitutes an unwritten rule usually and you have to replace this free time at the end of the working hour etc. Moreover, there are some rules about the rest time and the leaves which is legally FACTS ABOUT THE EMPLOYMENT IN POLAND 20 days per year, excluding the 13 days which are Polish national celebrations.


The Rights and Obligations according to the Employment in Poland.

Employment in Poland includes not only rights but also some obligations. Some of the obligations are that you should be on time the days and hours you work, be productive, and cooperative. Moreover, you have to pay the taxes every year according to your income as it is defined by the state and have always a valid visa and residence permission. On the other hand, you have also many rights for issues such as discrimination and harassment, paid leaves in case of illness and injuries, rights of parents and carers etc.

How Degrees and Certificates Affect Employment In Poland

There is a wide variety of open jobs in Poland for skilled and unskilled personnel, however, it is important to know that the more knowledge you have about a specific object, the easier will be to find a job. Specialization is something crucial for Polish companies as Poland is running a period of development. Having a degree and as many certificates as possible will be a great advantage for you to find employment in Poland.

Documents You Need If You Want Employment In Poland

This part of the article is focused on immigrants who want to work and live in Poland. You probably know that if you are a European citizen then you won’t face any difficulty on this sector, however, if you come from another continent you will surely need to adduce a valid visa, a work permit, and a residence permit. Regarding the work permit, the employer is obliged to undertake the issuance process and prove that there is no appropriate national for this vacancy. For all the other documents you must run the procedure on your own, or you can address to Eurasia Placement to help you with all this bureaucracy.

Eurasia Placement is focused on issues such as the employment in Poland and can help you in the first steps of your immigration. For more information, you can call us at +48 795 458 406 or visit Eurasia Placement webpage.