How We Offer Jobs in Poland and Simplify your Settlement in Poland

We offer jobs in Poland

The challenges in finding jobs in Poland


Poland is among the countries with the high foreign-born unemployment rate as the statistics of 2016 by OECD, proved that it was recorded to be 10% overall while for women it was recorded to be about 14%. What this data shows is that about 10 in every 100 foreigners do not have a job and 14 in every 100 women foreigners in Poland are jobless. Furthermore, the statistics of a general unemployment rate of Poland as recorded by August 2017 by “Trading Economics” was only 4.7% and among the six countries with the lowest unemployment rate in all of Europe. This means that only about 9 people in every 200 people are unemployed in Poland which is a very good number.

The above statistics prove that foreigners have a hard time landing a job, more so, for those who are outside of Poland applying for jobs in Poland while the Polish themselves land them easily. One certain reason of many other is due to the Polish language requirement by the majority of the recruiting companies which turns out to be a major problem with foreigners. This situation usually leaves foreigner with two options to settle in Poland; either learn the language or look for companies which don’t require Polish. Even though the latter seems more convenient for the majority, it is still very hard to find companies which do not require Polish and due to that reason, the numbers of unemployed foreigners is high. But why I said it is even harder for those who are outside Poland, is because plus the earlier mentioned reasons, they often they lack the necessary information or even if they do then it’s rare to come from credible source, therefore, everything else becomes difficult and there is where agents like Eurasia come in the play.

Why do people still look into Poland?

Poland is one of the fastest economically-growing countries in Europe and in 2016, Poland had the biggest GDP per capita growth in the OECD and in Europe according to “Financial Observer”. Poland has also proved to be the right place for foreign start-up companies with a high rate of success than in neighboring countries, like Germany which is already in very high economic competition.

Apart from this perspective, Poland is the sixth most populous country in Europe with a lot of big companies and still growing because one of the reasons behind that is the living costs in Poland which are lower compared to the other top-performing countries. This is always a big push for people who are looking to find a new place to settle and that is why the number of foreigner especially from the eastern part in Europe and outside Europe keep increasing regardless of the challenges in getting a job and settling for life.

Furthermore, Poland is in Europe, therefore, working and settling in Poland means you have freedom and can easily visit any other Schengen state in Europe ( Schengen states covers 26 countries in Europe ) without having to apply for visa and this a lot of more opportunities for you provided that Europe is characterized by full of opportunities.

We help you get jobs in Poland

Are you from South Asia, Middle East or Africa and want to relocate to Poland for work but lacking a working permit or and Polish language? Eurasia is a solution for you as we offer placement services in Poland. Eurasia serves as jobs’ agent in Poland, yes, all types of jobs from technical to non-technical where the Polish language is not a requirement.

  • In Poland it is very rare for a foreigner to find jobs in Poland due to various reasons such as; Employers avoid going through the process of applying a working permit for a foreign worker – as is the law of Poland that the employer has to apply the worker’s working permit – by hiring a local worker.

Eurasia is offered these places and therefore we present them to you and we help in the processing of work permit application which solves that difficulty, hence getting the improved chance of landing jobs in Poland

  • Most of the jobs in Poland, especially the non-technical need Polish language and therefore, hiring a local would be a better option rather than getting a foreigner who will need more time to learn the language and settle in.

What Eurasia does is to bring to you all the jobs which do not require the Polish language as a necessity and therefore gets rid of the tension to learn Polish for landing the job and what this means is that you can get along well in the working environment with English as you learn Polish slowly upon your arrival if you feel the need to without any pressure.

There are many more reasons which convince employers not to look for foreign workers.

The services we offer for jobs in Poland

As discussed earlier above, the difficulties of landing jobs in Poland, Eurasia is there to make it simple for the foreigners who are looking to relocate to Poland. The services we offer include but not limited to:

  1. We provide the average-paying jobs in Poland regularly from where you can apply of your preference

  2. We organize associated job interview, job contract, housing contract, associated insurance and other associated documents. 

  3. We follow up on your work permit application by your employer and send it to your home country

  4. We guide you thoroughly in the job joining and associated documentation process starting from your arrival to the settlement in the city

  5. We help you in the application for the temporary resident card (TRC). 

Are you determined to move to Poland? You can start your job search now on our website and pay a regular visit until you find the job that suits your requirements as we post new jobs of all professions regularly – all on Eurasia website. We also have our partners in many countries in South Asia and middle east including India, Nepal, Qatar and more please contact us directly for more information through +48 795 458 406.