Internships / Thesis


Oppertunities For Young Students

UIZ offers internship and thesis with in research and developmental project (Geoinformatics, Water Resources Management, IT Solution).

Followings are internship and thesis topics:

Group A</strong

  1. Web-based GIS and spatial decision support system for watershed management,
  2. Web-based forest monitoring application for Nepal,
  3. A WebGIS-based system for rainfall-runoff prediction and real-time water resources assessment for Nepal,
  4. Web-based GIS for hydrological land use change impact assessment,
  5. Design storm prediction and hydrologic modeling using a web-GIS approach on a free-software platform,
  6. Develop web GIS based intelligent transportation application systems with web service technology,
  7. Development of a web-based geographic information system for the management of borehole and geological data,
  8. A GIS‐Based Ground Water Contamination Risk Assessment Tool for Pesticides,
  9. Design and Implementation of GIS-based Water Resource Information System,
  10. Development of Web GIS and its application in earthquake disaster management,
  11. Probabilistic landslide hazard mapping using GIS and remote sensing data,
  12. Remote sensing techniques to assess active fire characteristics and post-fire effects,
  13. Development and integration of remote sensing, GIS and data processing tools for effective harvest management,
  14. Automated web gis based hydrograph analysis tool,
  15. Integrating Web-based GIS and image processing tools for environmental monitoring and natural resource management,
  16. Development of a Web-GIS based geotechnical information system,

Group B</strong

  1. Water poverty in Bagmati River basin, Nepal
  2. Sustainable Groundwater Contamination Mitigation through Community-led Implementation and Decentralized Local Governance Facilitation in Nepal.
  3. Modelling water resources in the Bagmati River Basin, Nepal.
  4. Role of Basin’s hydrogeology and climatic variability in determining disaster frequency: A study from Bagmati Basin in Nepal.
  5. Trend detection in annual temperature and precipitation owing to climate change using Mann-Kendall Test.
  6. Optimization of hydro-meteorological stations networks in Bagmati River Basin using statistical techniques.
  7. Eutrophication trends in Bagmati river at various sections in terms of nitrate, phosphate, TDS and TSS.
  8. Climate Change: Impacts and vulnerability Socio-economic vulnerability assessment.
  9. Assessment of impacts of climate change on water resources and river flow.
  10. Evaluation of Trends in Climatic Extremes.
  11. Water quality mapping of Bagmati River basin, Nepal.


Other topics: UIZ will be happy to offer internship / thesis on other topic in the field of Environmental Informatics, application of remote sensing and GIS in various fields. Send us your topic of interest for possible consideration. The presented topic can be modified as per the student interest. For more information about internship and thesis, please contact us at