Foreigners in Poland, If you are wondering how many foreigners are there in Poland and why they chose this country, you are in the right article! Obviously, someone could reasonably ask, “why I should know how many foreigners live there?”, and the answer is simple. If many people choose to migrate to Poland, then something is going right with that country! Let’s see what the statistics say about the foreigners in Poland.

How Many  Foreigners Are There In Poland?

The Department of Foreigners recorded Poland as the second country to live in and the first in the number of incoming foreigners. According to this department, the non-EU foreigners in Poland for 2010 were 55.432, while all the foreigners were 88.951. On the other hand, on 2017 the corresponding numbers were 228.218 for non-EU foreigners and 307.837 for all the foreigners. Of course, these numbers are referred to the foreigners with a valid residence permit, therefore you can understand that the real number is obviously quite bigger!

Several questionnaires and statistics imprinted the main nationalities migrating to Poland, as well as the cities where they are established.  The results are quite unexpected as the top-ranked cities were Poznan, Tri-City and Wroclaw and not the capital city, while the foreigners in Poland mostly come from Ukraine, Russia, Belarus, Germany, Italy, France, China and, India.

Why Do People Choose To Become Foreigners In Poland?

Another statistic showed that 57% of the questioned foreigners in Poland answered that they choose Poland according to the standards they know from their home countries and that proved to be satisfactory, while the 43% of them said that Poland can become their new home. And we ask again, “why?”

  • Job for Foreigners in Poland

The first and the last reason for every migration is probably the job and Poland has to offer many work opportunities. 270.000 immigrants applied for a work permit in Poland only on 2016 and immediately we can realize what is going on with the job market. There is a rapid development on Polish companies, as well as international investments, take place in cities such as Warsaw, Cracow, Wroclaw, and others, which means that some companies are understaffed and afterward there are many openings for foreigners in Poland.

  • Studies for Foreigners in Poland

Polish educational system has become one of the most sophisticated and upgraded in the whole Europe with unobtainable disciplines, which led many ambitious, young people from all over the world to relocate to Poland. Almost 57.000 students from 157 countries are living in Poland with the purpose of studying, while almost half of them want to stay after that to work there.

  • Cost of living for Foreigners in Poland

Cost of living is one of the most important parameters someone will take into consideration before he relocates somewhere, and Poland has again an advantage in that sector. We could say that it is quite easy to face the basic costs of accommodation, utilities, food etc. according to the polish salaries as the cost of living in Poland is enough lower compared with other European cities. However, if we should compare the polish cities between them, Wroclaw is voted as too expensive for the average salaries, while Poznan and Bydgoszcz are the cheapest. We can see that even within the country there are many differences that will make you decide which is the right city for you.

  • Safety for Foreigners in Poland

It is hard for a foreigner to feel safe outside his home country, so safety is another important parameter why there are so many foreigners in Poland. And it is very reasonable to want to go in a country where there are security and organization and you can always sleep calmly at nights!

To conclude, there are many more reasons to choose Poland which explain also why there are so many foreigners in Poland! If you want to become one of them and claim a career there just visit Eurasia Placement webpage or call us at +48 795 458 406