Major Industries to Relocate to Poland


As it is said in the previous articles, there are many reasons why someone should relocate in Poland, as it is a country with economic growth of 2.8% in 2016 and it is foreseen to grow more at 2017-2018 to around 3.2-3.5%. This means industrial development, an increase of the investments and increased funds on the research sector. In this article, we are going to present developing industries that offer vacancies, evolution and a good reason to relocate to Poland!

Relocate To Poland To Work In The Industrial Sector

As time goes and the level of know-how is upgrading, the industries recruit people who just relocate to Poland due to the lack of specialized personnel in the area. The biggest productions in Poland are based on the industrial sector on the fields you will see below and according to the statistics, the total number of employed who worked on the industry sector is up to 31.7%. But now let’s see the growing industries for anyone who wants to relocate to Poland.

Mining and metallurgy production

Polish mountains offer a wide range of rocks providing in that way a big chance for evolution not only on the mining sector but also on the metallurgy production, promoting the residues from the mining process for use or creation on the metallurgy sector. Therefore, we can see a rapid growth in the above industries, as well as in the automotive industry related to the corresponding components and the road construction with new techniques and generally with the material science. Moreover, the mining and the metallurgy sector as a very demanding discipline does not have a big reflectance in the polish audience, asking in that way for people who are able to relocate to Poland.

Relocate for Energy sector

The sector of energy and environment which is growing the last years in the whole Europe, in Poland there is much more need for development as the cold winter does not leave space for energy consumption, which consequently leads to environmental degradation. Thus, there is a great demand for staff specialized in environmental and energy issues in order to find alternative ways to produce energy without having to burden the environment. If your studies are related to the above sector maybe you are the ideal candidate and you should immediately relocate to Poland!

Relocate to Poland for Electromechanical industry

Including fine mechanics, electronics, electrical and mechanical engineering, the electromechanical industry is a very big sector where you can learn every day something new and be at the center of innovation. Whatever has even a broader relationship with the above disciplines, has great development in Poland, while the demand for scientists and technicians is very big, making relocate to Poland an easy choice.

Relocate To Poland To Work In Business Services

Services such as telecommunications assistance, scientific support on research and technical activities are much requested in Poland, so if your object is one of them, it would be a great chance for you to relocate to Poland! With regard to the telecommunications, it is widely known that every single day something new is discovered. The technology is so far ahead that only a professional technician can solve any problem you may have. On the other hand, polish universities and private research institutes are trying to go a step further, so trained scientists who are going to relocate to Poland, are absolutely necessary for the Polish society.

Several pictures representing the different industries

Relocate To Poland To Work In Commerce

Mentioned to foreign investments, you can relocate to Poland to deal with trading on the below industries, on which are invested more than 50% of the investments held in Poland last years:

  1. Automotive industry
  2. Electronic development and supply
  3. IT, biotechnology and other scientific disciplines
  4. Food and beverage sector
  5. Manufacturing sector

It is obvious that Poland which is developing now after a long time has many opportunities to offer, specifically on sectors that are most likely for an ambitious freshman in his career.

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