Maxime Ranchin, French Engineering Student

Eurasia Team

Hello, my name is Maxime Ranchin. I am a French engineering student, specializing in energy systems. I worked at UIZ in Berlin as an intern for three months during 2015 summer.

I worked on the project “Environmental Monitoring, Analysis and Interactive Visualization – EMAIV”. We have been working to develop a webGIS platform as a demonstration Nepalese case.

Before the internship, I had only a basic programming knowledge in Java and so I learned HTML, PHP, JavaScript and R (statistics programming language) as a first step to being part of the project. My main task was to write an application in R to visualize and be able to analyze data. This application was then aimed to be embedded on the web platform. I selected the right data analysis functions which were relevant according to our data. I also have done a webpage where the user is geolocalized and can alert about a natural event that is occurring in his area by filling a description form and uploading a picture or some data.

I learned a lot especially in team working and in my programming skills. It also gave me confidence for the future about my general skills and it continued to open my mind about environmental issues.

I really liked the atmosphere at UIZ. The director lets us quite free of our schedule, so I had no pressure to work and it let me be more efficient.

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