Expats Living In Poland

Poland has passed through 3 phases of inflow immigrants which led the state to change their legislation or create new rules to be friendlier to the expats. That happened due to the integration in the eurozone and later to the Schengen area which anyway opened the road for foreigners to go to Poland easier, and after the law change, moving and setting up to Poland became even easier because of the flexible to expats rules. These are and the main reasons why last year’s we see more and more expats in Poland.

According to the statistics, 6.5 thousand people applied for the refugee status in 2010 while in 2012 the same parameter reached the number 10.7 thousand. Regarding the work permits granted to expats, the number is increasing since 2007, while in 2010 the work permits to foreigners exceeded the 35.000. You can imagine which probably numbers exist today!

Main Facts for an Expat in Poland.


But let’s come to the point now! How is the life of an expat living in Poland? What are the points someone should look after?

Accommodation for Expat in Poland.

The major problem for any expat and everywhere. The first thought. There are several cities in the world where finding a house is harder than finding a job. However, the decision of living in Poland, 99% won’t create a problem of accommodation to any expat. And that’s because the idea of cohabitation is widespread, and the majority of the expats choose this way of living in Poland. Moreover, there are several other options for accommodation like renting a whole flat or room on your own, dormitories if you are a student, or living with a family rewarding hospitality by helping with the housework and pay very low rent.

Finding a job for Expat in Poland.

And the second thought. You have to find a job. As said in other articles Poland was the only country in Europe which didn’t get affected by the economic crisis of 2008 giving in that way the opportunity to grow and be developed in contrast with other countries. This means that last years, Poland offers a wide range of job opportunities, either for trained and well-educated expats in innovative and sophisticated sectors and the scientific research, or unskilled jobs for everyone.


Other facts for Expat in Poland.

Of course, the accommodation, as well as the employment are not the only considerations before you decide to become an expat who is living in Poland. Below we will present other parameters which, however, are not limiting factors.

Weather: You will find very cold winters and enough warm summers. The problem of the cold winter is compensated by the extremely good heating systems you can find everywhere so you will be exposed to the cold air only in the way to your car!

Culture: Living in Poland will make you love its big culture and history. You will find innumerable museums, palaces, castles, and attractions. Moreover, you can taste their strange cuisine which is influenced by Slavic and central European dishes, get ready to be delighted by their own beer production and watch a fest with traditional venues.

Sports: There is a wide variety especially of extreme sports like kayak, snowboard due to the intense natural environment which led them to develop this kind of sports. However, you will also find for sure conventional team sports.

LanguageThe polish language will be probably a problem. If your job doesn’t require knowledge of the language you will need it for all the bureaucracy you may face living in Poland.

Documentation: Bureaucracy combined with the polish language creates a hard scene for all the expats living in Poland.

However, Eurasia Placement is here to face all these difficulties instead of you and help any expat in his first steps in Poland. If you decide to start a new life living in Poland, but you don’t know how ? call us at +48 795 458 406  or visit Eurasia Placement web page and talk with us.