Poland Visa Requirement (TRANSIT, SCHENGEN, STUDENT, WORKER), Each country has the right to host citizens from selected nations without the maintenance of visas during their stay, while for other countries it requires a visa and a residence permit depending on the duration of the stay and other parameters. With regard to Poland visa requirements, countries which belong to Schengen area are not obliged to issue a visa (even this is not absolutely sure, depends on the reason you are going to Poland), while all the other countries which are not members of Schengen area, should apply for a visa before their arrival.

However, this is just the simplest categorization as there are many parameters that affect the issuance and the type of visa. Informative only, we should mention that as per 2014, the Polish state had issued 163,568 uniform Schengen visas. Let’s see what are Poland visa requirement.

Type Of Poland Visa 

Depending on the reason you are going to Poland, you have to choose which is the right type of visa for you and do all the preparation, Before your arrival in the country.

    • Transit visa (A): It is not a common type of visa, however, it is ideal for specific countries such as Afghanistan, Bangladesh, the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Eritrea, Ethiopia, Ghana, Iraq, Iran, Nigeria, Pakistan, Somalia and Sri Lanka. Citizens of those countries with this type of visa can travel not only to Poland but in every country which belongs to Schengen area. For more information, you have to check the specific Poland visa requirements.


    • Schengen visa (C): It applies only for 90 days while its maximum duration is 180 days. You have again the opportunity to travel in every Schengen country, but it is usually used for people who enter Poland for seminars or job but do not stay for more than 3 months.


    • National visa (D): Instead of type C visa which lasts for 6 months but can be used for 90 days, the national visa lasts for a year and is devoted to people who want to stay in Poland for a long time. Before it is going to expire you have to apply for the prolongation of your visa because there isn’t another type of visa which lasts for longer time. To apply for this type of visa you should check the necessary documents according to the Poland visa requirements.


Poland visa requirements for students

In case you are going to study in Poland and you plan to stay for long, note that if you are a European citizen you don’t need a visa, however after 3 months you have to register to the local authorities. On the other hand, countries such as Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Ireland, Romania, and the UK don’t belong to Schengen area, so their citizens need a visa, as well as countries from other continents. Moreover, non-EU nationals, except the visa, must apply for a temporary residence permit. In any case, you should check the Poland visa requirements in more detail, to avoid unwanted surprises.

Poland visa requirements for workers

If you are going to work in Poland, of course, the rules are the same with the students. What changes in this situation, is that each employer who recruits a worker from another country, is the one who must apply for his employee’s visa as well as, provide the worker with the necessary documents for the residence permit application.

Students and workers usually play with type C and type D visas. If you think that Poland visa requirements are complicated for you, Eurasia Placement is here to help you and puzzle out all the concerns about the right type of visa for your case. For more information, you can call us at +48 795 458 406 or visit Eurasia Placement webpage