Are you looking to relocate to Europe for professional or traineeship purposes? Then Poland is a great choice looking at the opportunities available and other life bases. If your field of profession is IT, software development, Marketing, Language, Adobe Creative suite or management then you at the right place to realize your career in Poland.

Eurasia, is an international private company under UIZ which is based in Berlin and having branches in Poland, UK and Nepal. To learn more about us you can visit Eurasia as the host for the website posts its job vacancies or traineeship positions on the website as well as gives a platform for other companies to post their jobs.

How Eurasia will help you in moving to Poland

Eurasia as an organization with its quality is always up to the game in trying to improve or maintain its standards. Within the process, is recruiting the best possible employees we can get out there and always searching for the more advanced workers as things change with time. We also do search for young talents who are ready to take on the challenge, who can grow with us from the entry level and train them to be an expert in the area of profession.

In this website, not only will you get to apply to Eurasia but to other companies as they will also be posting their vacancies as they need. This will make your job search much easier for you as you will have access to available jobs from different companies in a country of your choice if Poland then a relatively higher chance of getting a quick offer and possibly moving to Poland.

What you need to do to initialize you’re moving to Poland

Welcome to Poland!

You will first need to go to the home page, then after making your job specifications, you will select Poland in the country section and proceed with the search. If there will be available offers for your specifications you will be able to apply and receive and offer if assessed to be the right person the company will be looking for. If you were successful in getting a reply of an offer then you would be done with the toughest part, you can consider yourself one step further from moving to Poland. Otherwise, you should keep searching for the job of your interest and applying to as many as possible to maximize your chances of getting an offer. Depending on the processing times of different companies you will receive the offer letter, but we limit our clients for a week, if accepted at Eurasia, you will receive the letter in 3 – 4 days so you can start planning for your move as early as possible.

What Eurasia will assure you with after moving to Poland

Once you complete your move, Eurasia will also help you fit in well by having you surrounded by friendly and social co-workers who will help you fit well at work as well as fit in Poland with their expertise and experience. Everybody wants to feel comfortable at work and off work and Eurasia will help you feel comfortable at work and as one reason to feel comfortable settling in Poland. You can go over our visions, mission, and goals by following the link

Eurasia has been doing well in initiating overseas placements recently, with the majority of workers and trainees getting offers from UIZ and moving to Poland for the long term. Feel free to contact us through +49-30-20679114 should you have more questions.


Author: Yusuph Abhoo, an Electrical and Electronics engineering and computer engineering student working at UIZ as website and web content host

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