Nursing Services


Nursing Services

Germany Offers job security and equal pay scale . Germany has a shortage of skilled labour, in order to overcome this shortage, companies are actively getting workers from abroad. Nursing industry is one the best example for this. Infact, the biggest problem with nursing industry is that they find it really hard to to get the required qualified and skilled worker they need.

As per a study, 61% of the German nursing homes have vacancy.
Germany is in urgent need of over 2,00,000 Nurses . This need has to be fulfilled within next 4 years.

Why us? </strong

The biggest problem seen by the nursing companies here is the legal issue, they feel that its too complex or risky. That`s when Overseas Placement comes into picture. We have years of experience with international placements, which helps us to understand the legal issues and restriction, and how to solve them. We make it easy for companies to hire you, and also we make it easy for you to find good jobs. So its a win win situation for both the employee and the employer.

Why would German Nursing Companies go for Foreign Nurses?</strong

A majority of Nursing companies who have hired employees from abroad , have said that they are satisfied or very satisfied with their Foreign Nursing staffs. These companies rate the work of foreign nurses positively. Some of these companies have even claimed that the foreign employees are more dedicated than the local ones.

So why Germany?<

The following table shows the salary scale of Germany , compared to other countries.


Country Annual Salary
India 1,890-6,120
Germany 26,900-40,000
Nepal 1,180-3,300
UK 24,350-38.900
Oman 8,000-30,00
UAE (Avg) 22,500
Saudi Arabia (Avg) 13,500

All amount is in Euros

Apart from the salary benefit, the next major benefit is the life style. Compared to other developed countries, Germany has a better life style, and infrastructure.

Germany is the most developed country in the EU. And that makes it also the best place to settle.

What do we Offer? <

We offer complete services, From Local certification to recruitment. We make sure that all the Nurses registered in their country, are eligible to work in Germany Legally. Also we provide language classes, so that they can easily communicate to their employeers and patients, and there will be complete transparency.