The pace is fast. The challenge is to set high. Our internships program will give you an intensive experience of life at our company. You’ll pick up invaluable skills and experience.
Whether you are an undergraduate, graduate, MSc, MBA or PhD student in your penultimate or final year of study, or you’ve already graduated, there is a huge variety of opportunities to choose from. So whatever your circumstances and availability, you need not miss out.

An intern could specialize with his/her topic in the field of Water Science, Hydrogeology, Remote sensing and GIS, Environmental Sciences, Web Technology, GeoInformatics, Telecommunication, Business, Marketing and Sales, Publishing and Printing, Human Resources Management etc.

Real experience in real teams

There’s nothing more valuable to you than working on real projects, carrying out a real role and integrating fully into a team. So you’ll apply to and join a specific division. That division is where you will benefit from further learning events, presentations, meetings and networking opportunities.

Extra opportunities

We’ll throw many your way – all designed to build your skills and experience. In Wealth and Management, for instance, you will tackle The Pursuit, our specially created internship challenge, which gives you the opportunity to pitch to the project. Or, you may be set an objective to initiate meetings with our team coordinator. You’ll be given a special project to complete, the results of which you’ll present to a manager.

How we’ll reward you

We will provide working place, office stationary and necessary equipments along with plenty of recognition for your achievements.


Where you work depends on which programme you join – and some roles are Kathmandu.

Internships duration

Internship  program could vary from 3 to 6 months. The programme starts with a short training course where you’ll gain skills, network with other interns/team leaders and build your understanding of the project in the industry.

Other Internships

Need to get experience at a different time of year? Or looking for a longer internship? We offer off-cycle internships of anything between 6 weeks and 6 months.