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The service that we are offering can be categorized as:
HR Staffing

If your company’s focus is on hiring the staff on a short-term basis, we have a wide range of specialists and job-rotational individuals to help you deal with the new situation. The staffing is based on short duration, or on the project-based requirements. Our boundaries to source the right people are unlimited. Our local, national and international connections mean that we have a strong pool of candidates for you to choose from. No matter what challenges your company, we are ready to investigate industry-specific conditions and do the necessary benchmarking with the local labor market, do the SWOT analysis and introduce you the possible issues, risks, pros and cons, all in order to give you a right perspective on the occurred problem.

HR Recruitment

The nationwide coverage allows us to extend our sights to the new marketplaces and understand the needs of the clients all across our targeted work area. The first step for HR solution delivery for a longer period is exactly the problem understanding. For longer-term and planned recruitment assignments, we have a portfolio of candidates who are based nationally and internationally, who have the intention to relocate to Europe, Asia or the Gulf Region. We specialize in recruiting the highest caliber permanent, temporary and contract staff for you. We are able to develop a strategy to refine the best candidate by your specific needs and requirements, with or without a probation period, just for the purpose to empower the connection with the of satisfied clients.

Market and Industry Investigation

We can help you in employment-related issues by delivering the results for a real-time labor market situation. The research process that needs to be carried out before and during the employment process includes: executive search, professional qualification, training, salary surveys, change management, pre-merger planning and post-merger integration, workplace investigation, candidate pool examination and requirements matching, employee placement, performance management, workplace security and many other that can decries the effort inputs in the HR process implemented directly by client, but we offer a completely outsourced HR processes.

HR Consultancy

We are the right address for the flexible and practical services, supplying a range of consultancy packages, business support functions & ad-hoc services for your employment-related issues, defined within the legal frames, stated in the local employment law. We can help you to create and manage a seamless stream of talent, because of its critical role in developing a diverse, global, and effectual workforce. Your business needs an HR consultant who understands your goals and can provide the knowledge, processes, and human resources talent you need to drive your organization forward. Today’s companies need HR consultant who can deliver across a spectrum of evolving requirements and market dynamics. If you see a competitive pressure as an obstacle in managing, it is time for the perception changing: pressure is a reason to grow and continue forward. The growth in staff is undoubtedly a core part in strategic agendas of our clients, for this purpose helping you in finding, hiring, and retaining top talent is our first step.

Virtual Employee

The third dimension of the employment issues is place-related. If the research team defines a vacancy as a job that is not conditioned by the place, we offer the virtual employee solutions, too. A virtual employee can help its clients to complete every delocalized task, and leave the opportunity to take the client’s organization to the next level, with no extra space required and by retaining the same capacity.

Mass Recruitment

Taking into account the different legislation when the clients are interested into mass recruitment, we have special packages prepared for the large and middle scope project’s requirements in different industries. The huge volumes of candidates can cause additional implications that can slow down the business processes, where our clients can lose the flexibility and agility to adapt to the environment for which the project has been developed. The diversity in our candidate’s pool can respond to every specific requirement demanded by the client.