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We have discussed a lot in other articles why someone should choose Poland Immigration. The reasons are many and in short, it is the low cost of living, the high living level, the growing economy, as well as the high level of education. Let’s suppose now that you took the decision about Poland immigration. And then what…?

To Make A Lawful Poland Immigration…

The first step for Poland immigrant is to read the Poland immigration law and learn what options you have in order to gain the residence permit so that you can live there legally. However, it is widely known that Poland immigration law is very complicated so here we are to explain for you what you can do in Poland to be entitled to a residence permit.


Maybe the simplest, the most obvious choice is studying in Poland. Being accepted in a Polish university, opens the road for a residence permit but doesn’t stop there. As long as you study in Poland you are entitled to many more privileges such as accommodation in the dormitories, low fees in learning the Polish language, right to use the gym of the university or the dormitory and of course you can easily obtain the residence permit which allows you to travel in European countries with no extra documents.


The second option to issue a residence permit due to the Poland immigration is finding a job, which would happen anyway. In this case, the employer is responsible to obtain for you the work permit and to provide to you all the necessary documents which prove that you work for a polish company, in order to issue the residence permit. It is worth mentioning that having the temporary residence permit which gives you the right to stay legally in Poland for 3 years and more if you prolong it, you can travel in Europe without any problem. Visa also gives you this opportunity but expires every year and the prolongation demands time and bureaucracy.

POLAND IMMIGRATION to Establish a Company

Poland last years experiences a great development with numerous investments by foreign entrepreneurs who try their luck in Polish ground. This is an amazing cycle, which opens vacancies, grow the economy and generally creates a positive impact on many important areas of Poland. And of course, don’t forget the profits left in the business. So, what means that? If you are not in a position to study, but also you don’t want to work again for someone else, you are creative, and you have a capital to invest, then you know what you should do. Excluding the earnings you will have, this opportunity allows you to obtain a residence permit and live legally in Poland.

And Some Other Important Information About POLAND IMMIGRATION


      1. Poland belongs in European Union and the Schengen area, allowing according to the Poland immigration law, anyone who has a Polish visa or a residence permit to travel in the countries which belong in EU and Schengen.

      2. The most popular city is the capital, of course, Warsaw, but we can find quite many immigrants in Krakow and the Tri-city. Wroclaw last years becomes an immigrant trap as it hosts many international companies. Moreover, the number of immigrants is increasing in other smaller cities because of the lower cost of living, and this is why Poland immigration is so widespread.

Nowadays there are several multinational companies hiring personnel, so polish language may not be prerequisite, however, it is surely useful, and you will need it most in bureaucracy processes.

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