Poland job market here is open to accept foreigners who want to start a career in Poland, which is considered as work destination especially the last years after the economic crisis in Europe. So, what you should know about the Poland job market and the chances you have is shown below.

Poland Job Market Includes 2 Contract Cases:

It is very important to know what the opportunities are when going to work in Poland. What we can say in short is that the Poland job market offers two types of contracts and each one of them provides a different kind of advantages and disadvantages, so read below in detail what is included in each one, to be prepared.

Employment Contract

The first and the main contract according to the Poland job market is the “employment contract” in which it is agreed on the exact kind of work and task you will have as long as you work in this company, as well as the place and the time the work will take place. On the other hand, from the employer’s side, it is assured in the contract parameters such as the remuneration, the exact time of employment, the insurance and other important working conditions that should be specified prior to the commencement of employment.

Civil-law contract

In this case, according to the Poland job market, the contract is governed by the provisions of the civil code and is divided into 2 types of contracts which are the commission contract and the specific task contract. The first agreement “commission contract” is focused on a specific work you have to do in a specified period. It is stated in it, the type and scope of the job, the corresponding salary and the public receivables which are going to be taken away. The other agreement “specific task contract” is concentrated in the accomplishment of a specific task in a specified period and a specified price.

Before you come to an end about a job you may work in Poland, you should know the kind of contract you are going to sign with the company because there are several differences between the employment contract and civil-law contract. For example, in the second case, you won’t have rights such as the minimum remuneration, you are deprived of the annual leave or the sickness payment as well as, you are not subject to the social insurance.

Other Facts About The Poland Job Market

Poland job market

The industries which need staff in the Poland job market

The major industry with great growth and big demand in the Poland job market is the IT companies which publish every day new vacancies for people with IT and foreign language skills. Other big industries are machine building, food processing, and beverages, chemicals, iron and steel, shipbuilding, glass, textiles, coal mining etc.

Working conditions according to the Poland job market

  1. Working Hours: Poland job market requires an 8-hour observance in the workplace or in other words the 40 hours work per week, which means that one day you may work more and the next day less in order to reach the 40 working hours. The main working patterns are from 8 am to 4 pm or from 9 am to 5 pm.
  2. Holidays: Except the 20 days of leave you have per year according to the employment contract, there are 13 holidays celebrated and you have the right not to work. In case this celebration is during the weekend you deserve a day off because you would not turn up at work on that day.
  3. Foreign languages and Remuneration: The constant growth of large multinational companies in Poland job market created the need for staff with multilanguage skills and this skill is paid up to 225€.

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