Due to the large migratory waves flowing to Poland, we decided to create this article to explain the main reason why Poland is so attractive to immigrants. Of course, the reason couldn’t be other than the Poland living conditions offered both in the big cities of Poland as well as the smaller ones.

Before the big step of a move in another country or continent, we should consider first of all the unemployment rate, in order to increase our chances to find a good job and secondly the living conditions which is one of the most important parameters which push us to immigrate and create a better life.

Cost Of Living Affecting Poland Living Conditions

Admittedly, Poland is one of the cheapest countries in Europe and according to statistics Warsaw is included among the cheapest capitals in Europe and 177th most expensive city in the world, a thing that explains why not only Warsaw but the whole Poland is an immigrant trap. Below we will see some of the most important parameters affecting Poland living conditions.


Accommodation and the monthly utilities are very important factors someone should consider when going to a new country. In Poland, there is ease of finding a home and good prices, especially as you are away from the city center. More specifically we could say that a house with one bedroom in the city center costs between 270-450€ while outside the center for the same house the rent is reduced to 190-300€. Regarding the main utilities such as electricity, heating, water etc. the cost varies between 80-150€ depending the size of the apartment. You can always reduce your costs by living together with other people. Accommodation and utilities make Poland living conditions quite friendly for people who want to move there.


Other important costs such as market, public transportation, restaurants and generally entertainment are also affordable, improving the Poland living conditions. For example, the one-way ticket for the public transports costs 0.80 cents. I think there is no reason for comparison with other countries. Moreover, the basic products that must exist in a house, you can find them in Poland at very good prices, helping thus the balance between the monthly expenses and the incomes. On the other hand, a bit expensive according to the domestic salary we will find the clothing and the restaurants, but as recorded by the foreigners of Poland these sectors are not the important ones and they don’t consist a monthly obligation but an occasional pleasure.

Other Parameters Affecting Poland Living Conditions

Poland living conditions, however, do not depend only on the cost of living, but on other important factors as well. Below we will see some of the parameters which affect the Poland living conditions to be improved in a better way.

  1. The educational system in Poland ended up, after many changes, to be one of the best in Europe. With public universities in very good level, technical schools and colleges, the educational system cover a wide range of sciences and thousands of students from all over the world.

  2. The level of work has risen dramatically last years, with better working conditions and jobs in advanced and emerging sectors. Poland living conditions are getting better and better.

  3. We shouldn’t forget that Poland was almost the only country not affected by the economic crisis which rapped the whole Europe after 2008 giving the opportunity to Poland to continue uninterruptedly its rise.

  4. The health system in Poland is accessible for all the immigrants who work or study according to the laws published in the country and is based on a general system of health insurance provided by the job.

Concluding, Poland living conditions are enough benefits for a foreigner in order to take the decision and move to Poland. For more information about the life, the cost of living, the jobs and the necessary documentation in Poland you can visit Eurasia Placement webpage or call us at +48 795 458 406