Why You should think of Poland migration? | 4 Reason to Migrate to Poland | Poland lifestyle

by eurasia placement

Nowadays, it is hard to find young people happy with their life and the opportunities given to them. It is hard for someone to dream and be ambitious. I address therefore to all of you who want a big change, who want to create a career and a new life from scratch, who want to widen your horizons and learn new things through Poland migration.

Why Should You think of Poland migration?

There are many reasons, however, let’s begin with the fundamentals. it’s aforementioned once more, and that we can still say it, that the European nation is that the sole country in European Union that failed to have an effect on the money crisis that hit Europe. therein method, its development continuing uninterruptedly, making conditions for even bigger development. Gradually, the investments augmented, the creation of companies and industries was inspired, and also the housing industry had dramatically augmented. of these factors diode European nation migration to be the primary selection for somebody United Nations agency needs to figure and make.

Because Poland migration offers a variety of jobs and education

Excluding the construction sector which created all these buildings housing firms and factories, these companies require almost every day specialized personnel. It is obvious that polish citizens which were not trained at that time, occupied workforce positions, and the senior positions which required specialization and deep knowledge were covered by foreigners with the corresponding studies in order to meet the demands of a successful business. After the first Poland migration wave, Polish people understood that they should invest in their education, and have the ability to cover executive positions themselves, so another important part started to develop. Today, apart from the polish education system which is in the first place, with Masters, Ph.D. and lot of research, the companies continue to public vacancies and still ask for foreigners to come to Poland, because they believe that people from all over the world cooperating together, can lift off a company.

Because Poland migration will save you money

A very important factor you should consider before going in a country is, of course, money. Poland migration is once again proven to be the ultimate solution as it coincides low cost of living with good salary. More particular,

  1. Accommodation is the part of polish life which requires the largest investment of money, however, the rents are not so high that you can’t afford it even if your salary is the minimum.
  2. Cost of living generally is quite favorable according to the polish wages and you will surely have all the necessities with comfort.
  3. Salaries vary according to different factors such as work experience, education, age, etc. even though the minimum wage is quite satisfactory for the cost of living.
  4. Taxes: You pay the tax for your corresponding salary only if you have been working to Poland for over 183 days. If your annual income is up to 85.528 ZL the tax rate is 18%, otherwise, for greater annual income the tax rate is increased by 32%.

Because Poland migration will open your horizons

Poland migration can also offer you many opportunities for entertainment, as it is a country with great history and culture. Especially in the spring and the summer when the weather is better, you will have the ability to watch artistic festivals in open areas, to walk and have sports in nature, to discover mountains, lakes, rivers, and forests. Moreover, you can visit innumerable museums according to your preferences, palaces, and monuments. But the entertainment doesn’t stop here! What makes Poland a great experience for a foreigner is that you will have the opportunity to discover all the above with your international friends, as Poland constitutes a multiculturalism country and you will have the chance to meet people from all over the world and learn about their culture.

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