You took the big decision to relocate to Poland, and here you are just one step in your movement, trying to find out how you will make your stay legal. Don’t confuse your head with unnecessary information because you are in the right article. Below you will learn everything you should know about Poland residence card.

What is Poland residence card and what’s the difference with the Visa?


There is a big confusion with these two documents as both of them provide legal stay, however, there are significant differences because having a visa allowσ you to stay In Poland for up to 90 days, while the Poland residence card gives you the margin to stay for up to 3 years. Nevertheless, the differences don’t stop here as the Poland residence card gives you the right to cross the borders whenever you want, without having to issue visas for each country. Moreover, the Poland residence card confirms the identity you have as a citizen of Poland. For example, if you need residence permit because you are going to study in Poland, in the indication “identity” it will be written “student”. This led us to another question which is with which identity you will obtain this residence permit. Let’s see that below!

Who is entitled to a Poland residence card?

Anyone who wants to stay in Poland for longer than 3 months is obliged to apply for temporary Poland residence card which lasts maximum for three years. In case you want or need to stay more you cannot extend the temporary residence permit, but you can reapply for a new one and after that for a permanent residence permit. Otherwise, you can adjust the temporary residence permit to your needs for the exact period you need it.

On the other hand, you have to prove that there is a reason which led you to the need of an Poland residence card, and some of these main reasons are shown below:

  • Job in Poland
  • Studies in Poland
  • Creating a business in the country
  • Conducting academic research
  • Victim of human trafficking
  • Humanitarian reasons

Fees to issue the Poland residence card

Αs in every country, getting a Poland residence card demands a fee to pay which is up to 340 PLN or 80€ for the process of applying, while for the issuing the amount is 50 PLN or 12€. There are some cases when the payment of the fee is not necessary, such as for refugees, for humanitarian reasons and some other exceptional cases.

What if I lose the Poland residence card?

Losing a so important document as the Poland residence card has to be reported the latest after 14 days and apply for it again. You should be very careful about the protection of the document because in case the office deems that you are responsible for loss or destruction of the Poland residence card then you are required to pay a fine of 100 PLN and if this happens the second time then the fine increases to the amount of 150 PLN. Excluding the fines you have to pay, the reapplication process requires bureaucracy and time-consuming procedures which surely you would like to avoid, so take care your documents!

For more information about Poland residence card, as well as other bureaucracy processes may take place during your movement to Poland, you can address to Eurasia Placement webpage or call us at +48 795 458 406.