Since you found a job in Poland, even if you are an immigrant, you are subject to the polish employment law in which nationals are also included, so you don’t lag behind the rights and benefits you deserve, as well as the obligations anyone has towards the state.

The Rights You Have According To the Polish Employment Law

The lowest wages

As long as it is your first time working under the polish employment law, don’t be afraid that the employer may deceive you about the salary, as you are subject to the lowest wage which is 1909,42zl for a full-time job and for the whole country. Therefore, your salary can only be higher from that amount but in any case, not less.

Restrictions on Working Time and rest breaks

The polish employment law has strictly enforced the 8-hour observance per day or in other words, the 40-hours work per week and you are not obliged to work more, except if your contract says something different and there is an arrangement about overtimes. In any case, the working time including the overtimes cannot exceed the 48 hours per week.

On the other hand, you are entitled to rest and breaks, so you deserve 11 hours of undisturbed rest per day, which in weekly level is formed to 35 hours per week. For some specialists such us managers, chief accountants, people working during an emergency or to protect human life and health the rest breaks are limited to 24 hours per week, according to the polish employment law.

Discrimination and Harassment

Parameters such as the gender, the age, disabilities, the religion and the beliefs, the nationality and the political views and other parameters, are protected by the polish employment law about discrimination and harassment. So, if you are a foreigner do not be afraid to claim a job, or whatever you deserve, just because you are different. The only restriction is that the employer should prove that there was no national with the appropriate qualifications to fill the vacancy, so it was covered by a foreigner. An event of discrimination and harassment may lead to a fine or imprisonment according to the polish employment law.

Illness and injuries

Working in a polish company means you are insured for a case of illness or injury, so you can still be paid for as long as you are not present in the workplace. For the first 33 days of absence, you can be paid up to 80% of your salary except if the internal regulation foresees a bigger percentage. You can take the whole salary only in case of an accident during the working time, or illness during pregnancy, or in case of medical tests for people who are willing to become donors for cell, organ or tissue. After the 34th day of absence, the employee is eligible for funding by Social Security Office.

The Obligations You have According To The Polish Employment Law

Obligations You have According To The Polish Employment Law


Working for a polish company for more than 183 days means that you are subject to the taxation rules, exactly as a Polish national. However, there are several exceptions such as the double tax treaty, or the case when the income is taxed in another country, or if the foreigner’s house is not in Poland then there is a tax reduction.

Work permission

Getting hired by a Polish company means you are obliged to adduce a valid visa and renew it whenever it is over for as long as you work in the company, except if you are a citizen of a country which belongs to the Schengen zone, so you don’t need a visa. Moreover, a work permit is necessary to legally work in Poland, except if you belong in the Eurozone, if you have long-term EU resident status in Poland, if you are under granted temporary protection, or if you have a settlement permit. Of course, there are more exceptions which belong in special regulations according to the polish employment law. Last but not least, you need to acquire one more permit, the temporary residence permit to legalize your stay and work in Poland.

There are many more rights and obligations foreseen by the polish employment law, however, we can not go deeper to them as the legislation is complicated. Eurasia Placement is here not only to find you the ideal job but also to help you with work and residence permit, visas, as well as help you with the legal facts of polish employment law. For more information visit Eurasia Placement webpage or call us at +48 795 458 406.