Richan Shrestha from Nepal – An Intern


I am Richan Shrestha from Nepal. Currently, I am a student of International Business at Hochschule für Technik und Wirtschaft – HTW Berlin, Germany. After getting theoretical knowledge about different aspects of international business and working in different academic projects, I was looking for a place to enhance my knowledge and apply in real projects. At the same time, I was interested to learn working culture in the multinational company.

I joined UIZ as an intern on 1st Sept. 2014 for four and half months internship.

In the initiation phase of my internship, I was induced to the company with role and responsibility. I also discussed the topic of my internship. I was trained in both soft and hard skills during startup. As soft skills, I was introduced to time and self-management, effective and intercultural communication, scientific and business practices and norms, and stress management. As hard skills, in the beginning, I was trained with web-based products, prices, possible clients and marketing strategies by Dr. Jay Krishna Thakur, the CEO of the company.  Apart from this, I was trained for business development like how to analyses possible clients, marketing policy, and strategies, how to communicate with possible and existing customers, how to respond and so on step by step and how to implement all those strategies into the real world.

Besides all these, I develop knowledge of different social media and their implication in real project development, marketing and reaching to the customers. I also develop the habit of smart working with the help of different software and applications.

I liked working environment. No pressure. But wanted to be productive. I am very happy to do my internship in UIZ and also looking forward to work in future.