The Experience of My Move to Poland Through Eurasia Placement


My name is Sindhu and five months ago, I decided to leave my country to look for new experiences and to build a career in Europe, in my field which is environmental engineering. On my way to find the right destination to start a new life, I discovered that a move to Poland which is considered as the getaway to other countries would be a great choice which however would also result in quite a few obstacles. And at that moment my eye went to an article by Eurasia Placement. It was the same exact moment when all my fears and the obstacles I saw disappeared.

The Sectors In Which Eurasia Service Contributed During My Move To Poland

My first move was to talk with the staff of Eurasia Services to assure me how we are going to do all this bureaucracy documentation. When you are planning to go for work in a new country, the excitement is so big that you can’t organize what you should and at that point, it is very important to have someone beside you and especially Eurasia service which is an experienced company on decisions like a move to Poland.

Experience in Poland

The ideal job for a successful move to Poland

The first step was to find the ideal job for me. While I was searching on my own, I face difficulty because if not all the vacancies, at least the majority of them had prerequisite the polish language. Eurasia services in a magic way had only vacancies for people who speak English. And yes, after just a couple of days I found a job that was what I was dreaming with the contribution of Eurasia services which make my move to Poland much easier! I should also mention that Eurasia service undertook all the process for issuing a work permit in order to unshackle the hiring company from bureaucracy procedures.

Accommodation through Eurasia service

Secondly, I had to deal with the accommodation. Even if housing is not a big deal in Poland, the process of making the housing contract is usually hard because the housekeepers don’t speak English and obviously I didn’t speak polish. Eurasia service was again there representing me and proving to the householder that I already have a job that allows me to pay my rent. My move to Poland through Eurasia service was like a game!

Eliminated bureaucracy during my move to Poland

Last but not least, I should also mention the most problematic sector of Poland which is bureaucracy and especially for immigrants like me who come from another continent to Europe. I had to apply for the temporary resident card and many more associated documents, a process which was time-consuming when I didn’t have time at all because I should focus on my new job and adapt to the new environment. Of course, the team of Eurasia service didn’t leave me alone and the staff was the one who deposited all the documents instead of me as well as they concerned with my work permit which was sent in my home country when it was issued. In that way, I could only enjoy my move to Poland and don’t worry about anything else!

Moving in a foreign country to start your life from the zero, brings upheaval and stress due to the many obligations that always exist at a beginning, as well as anxiety because of the adaption in a new place, job, and house. All the above concerns were eliminated in my case because of Eurasia service contribution and the whole team of the company who were very friendly and ready to help in every instance. If I had to go back to the time of my move to Poland I wouldn’t change anything, and I would choose again and again Eurasia Placement!