The Experience of Nursing in Germany

Nursing in Germany

Germany in need of Certified Nurses for abundant nursing jobs

Looking at the near-future of German labor market, you will realize that hospitals and retirement homes will be in need of personnel to deal with the booming situations in hospitals and retirement homes by then. In other words, in these two areas will be endless for certified jobs.

The current market of certified nurses is far better compared to the previous years where there were 300 applications for one job when now, just number of jobs are more than the applicants according to the research from “Arbeitsagentur” which is the government office responsible for helping the unemployed find jobs as of 2015.

Life experience in Germany in the Nursing jobs

Nursing life in Germany

Nursing life in Germany

Germany is considered as one of the countries with the best health services in the world. That means the system dealing with the doctors and nurses are very well established to make sure they satisfy the well-trained doctors and nurses so that they can provide the service at the highest level. This is supposed to assure the nurses working in Germany or looking to work in Germany that the life is just the one you are looking for.

Everything in Germany is so organized to make the life of nurses and doctors more defined compared to many other countries; The working schedule is specified clearly and strictly followed, this will allow nurses to plan well for their work-holiday schedule.

In Germany, the nurses are usually employed by the hospital and not directly by the patient this means that you will have a fixed number of patients to take care of depending on the position and work. However, some nurses are also required to travel to elderly people either in the elderly homes or in their homes living alone but not with children. The private nurses are very rare as they are usually very expensive and only employed by the rich.

Certified Nursing jobs salaries in Germany

All that being said, the best part is noting how the nurses get paid, that is salary and the total pay including bonuses. According to research by “Payscale” in 2018, nurses in Germany get paid around 30 euros per hour on average but with experience goes to as high as 62 euros per hour. However, the total pay including bonuses and start from 12.5 euros per hour and with more experience go to as high as 87 euros per hour. Nurses with more than 10 years of experience usually move on to apply to higher posts.

You can see that with these par rates, you can live an average to a high standard of life in Germany as a nurse.

General requirements for Nursing jobs in Germany

If you are coming from outside Germany, you will need to undertake the certification classes as a nurse before you qualify and be registered. If you are coming from your home country as a certified nurse, it will be easier for you in the certification classes while it is relatively harder if you are just starting to realize your career in nursing jobs.

To be a nurse in Germany, you also need proficiency in German at least B1 and this is because Germans have a hard time speaking English and especially the elderly Germans who you might be working with most of the time.

Eurasia helps you out with requirements

The two main requirements named above are to be satisfied before the nurse applies for nursing jobs. For foreigners, it can be challenging to fulfill the requirements but there is where Eurasia comes into play to make it easy for you in every step until you become a fully registered nurse in Germany.


1.    We fully facilitate your Certification classes

Eurasia invites individuals who are nurses in their countries or want to become nurses in Germany and will fully facilitate your certification classes, from registering you to the 1-year certification courses, paying the associated fees for your entire year.

2.    We facilitate your language courses

Before applying for nursing jobs in Germany, you need to know German with at least the level of B1, and Eurasia will take care of that upon your arrival along the certification classes and you will study for free for the whole year.

3.    Help you in finding accommodation

Getting accommodation in Germany has proved to be a challenge for the new comers especially if limited in budget and time. It is also common seeing or hearing that someone moved from a major city in Germany just because he/she could not get an apartment to live. Eurasia knows this challenge and helps the new comers get a right apartment with the budget and within the time frame, therefore, this issue will not be something you will worry about.

4.    We pay you the salary during your first year of learning.

In the duration of one year where you will be enrolled in the certification classes and language course, Eurasia will give you the stipend of 1900-2550 euros plus any available bonuses as you are preparing to get paid full salary as mentioned above in the nurse salaries.

5.    Visa applications

We help you with the visa applications which will cover your first year of learning before you obtain your nurse visa after the preparatory classes.

Nursing jobs in Germany are regularly published on our website’s jobs search page, visit for applications but also feel free to contact us anytime you have any direct question or concern at +49 176 5552 4449