Relocation to work in Poland we have said a lot in the past how beneficial it is for someone in order to expand his horizons and gain new experiences. Moreover, we have mentioned in several articles the pros and cons, how to implement several processes before your relocation, how to find studies or work in Poland and many other things on the topic. In this article, we summarize the main facts you should consider before going to work in Poland, so that you will be well prepared.

Which Factors Will Affect Me To Find Work In Poland?

Below, you will read how things go, related to these factors that affect work in Poland.


The job market for everyone who wants to work in Poland

The job market is maybe the number 1 parameter you should take into consideration, because it has a direct relationship with the unemployment which was only 4.5% on January 2018, as well as the industries in high demand and your corresponding education. In other words, if your studies were on fields such as logistics, marketing, IT, banking, tourism, transportation, business services and pharmaceutical industry, then you have great probabilities to find work in Poland easily. Moreover, foreign languages and special experience in a specific field are skills quite appreciated. On the other hand, this doesn’t mean that you won’t find work in Poland if you are not well educated because hand-working jobs are always in demand.

What are the conditions if you work in Poland?

What’s more before going to work in Poland? The working conditions of course, and all these details of everyday life that you have to imagine before going there, in order to be sure that Polish working lifestyle sweets you. The average working hours is 40 per week and usually 8 hours per day, as in the most European countries. There are also legal and always paid overtimes which should not exceed a specific number of hours per day and per month. Of course, after your first month of work in Poland, you have the right of paid holidays, which is 20 days when you already have worked a whole year. On the other hand, provided that you have worked a whole year in Poland, you are obliged to submit a tax declaration and be taxed according to your annual income.

Visa and other documents in order to work in Poland

The bureaucracy and documentation part is a hard sector especially if you want to work in Poland because if you are not a European citizen you need to issue a visa, a work, and a residence permit. The publication of these records is usually time-consuming and demands a worthwhile amount of money to pay. However, you should know that if you are going to work in Poland you don’t have to worry about the work permit because your employer is the one who is going to issue this document for you. For the other documents, you have to do it alone or address to Eurasia Placement and forget that also!

Cost of living for someone who works in Poland

Last but not least, is the cost of living which affects life, as well as your decision to relocate and find a work in Poland. The cost of living includes every expense you make for your everyday life, like accommodation, utilities and food which are the most important, and then the entertainment, the clothing and other expenses you may have. The cost of living gives a very encouraging picture of Poland as it is a function of wages. In conclusion, what we can say is that the expenses vary from city to city but generally, according to the salaries and the costs you can have a comfortable and quality life.

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