Work In Poland

Poland is a beautiful country, constantly developing and providing plenty of choices and opportunities. Work in Poland last years has become a challenge, as the continuous growth demands high skill employees ready to face difficulties and find solutions in unknown cases. On the other hand, Poland as a country tries to keep the simple way of life providing also positions for unskilled employees who will work in the neighborhood’s greengrocer or the supermarket. The opportunities are plenty but let’s see first of all why we should choose work in Poland!

Cost of living if you work in Poland

We all know, that money makes the world go around. We work to have enough money to cover our needs, so the cost of living is one of the most important criteria we will consider before moving to a country. Work in Poland may be proved wallet-friendly, as the primary needs such as supermarket shopping, public transport, rental, eating out etc. are very cheap, especially in comparison with other big European cities. Clothing instead ranges in the same prices as the other European countries, as well as the petroleum.


Comparing Polish salaries with the salaries in other countries we could say that they seem low. But if we compare them with the cost of living in Poland we will see that it is quite satisfactory for someone, in order to live dignified. On the other hand, Poland as an upcoming country nowadays is starting to compete with the European salaries. Of course, the position plays an important role on the salary, as a qualified worker in a big company will obviously be paid enough better, than an unskilled employee. However, whatever the job is, be sure that if you work in Poland you will have the opportunity to live comfortably.

Accommodation, while you work in Poland

Accommodation if you work in Poland is not a hard task. Thankfully, there are plenty of blocks with houses and low rents as mentioned above. The bad thing in this part is that houses in Poland are quite small but even that, could not be considered as a problem, because someone who is moving in another country, usually does not demand luxury but the basic goods. However, when you have a standard rising and evolving job you can easily find a bigger and more comfortable house. Furthermore, houses are usually equipped with all the necessary equipment such as furniture and of course heating systems.

Considering Other Parameters Before Going To Work In Poland

With regard to the lifestyle, Poland seems like other European cities. You can find there a wide range of music, film and other festivals, exhibitions, concerts, pubs and other interesting occupations for entertainment. Moreover, you can take part in several sports that are ideal in countries like Poland, such as snowboard, ski etc., while in summer you can deal with kayaking, hiking in the mountains and others. On the other hand, people who are more interested in culture, Poland is a country with big history, so you can find many museums and monuments in every corner. Work in Poland is not only about a job but also for a full experience.

For those who are concerned about the weather, it is true that Polish winter is very cold and lasts for a long time. The good thing is that all the houses are equipped with good heating systems and of course there is no place where you will not find heating. In that way the cold is eliminated and work in Poland doesn’t seem bad anymore!

Maybe the hardest thing you have to deal with if you want to work in Poland is the bureaucracy. In that sector, probably you will face problems as the customer service is wicked and deposit documents are time-consuming.

Eurasia Placement takes on the role of mediator and undertakes to complete all the bureaucracy procedures from bank accounts to residence permit and gather all the necessary documents you are going to need during your stay for work in Poland. In that way, you will have time to adapt and become tortured to the country. For more information, you can call us at +48 795 458 406 or visit Eurasia Placement webpage.