Why You Should Move to Poland Being A Freshman in Your Career


Poland is an uprising country with many new jobs every single day. Belongs to the European Union after the fragmentation of the Soviet Union when slowly started to be developed again. In the last years, its evolution was rapid, with new jobs every day, participation in research organized by EU and innovations, something that makes many people want to move to Poland. The truth is that, whether you are someone from the European Union or from non-EU countries, a move to Poland is a key step in an evolving career. So, if you start now your career and you want to get as much knowledge and experience as you can, move on in this article and you will understand why you should move to Poland!

Move to Poland is a gateway to other countries

A depiction of the roads which can open through our stay in Poland

A depiction of the roads which can open through our stay in Poland

Poland is the only country in the Eurozone that was not in recession due to the 2008 crisis. This made the nation move on, while almost all the other countries were at a standstill or even worse, moving back in third-party practices and destroying what they built up in the previous years. Poland became in that way an immigrant trap trying to find a better life or begin a new career. So, let’s see what can be offered to someone who wants to move to Poland.

Why a non-European should move to Poland

It is very common nowadays for a non-European freshman wanting to move to Europe for gaining more knowledge and experiences. It is obvious that every continent provides an absolutely different way of teaching or working so moving to Europe is a necessary step to gain a spherical view of your object. But why specific move to Poland? Because as an uprising country, provides a high level of education if you are a freshman in studies, or if you are a freshman in your career you will find a wide variety of companies which usually offer educational seminars to evolve yourself, training, multicultural environment, high salaries and low cost of living. Moreover, getting a visa in Poland being a bit easier than in other countries, opens doors for you to travel in Europe and maybe work elsewhere later.

Why a European should move to Poland

If you are a European citizen you probably know that after 2008 the situation in Europe has been critical. Furthermore, you probably also know that Poland is on the opposite side of the river, where the investments of other nations make it constantly growing. So, what we should do is to forget moving to countries where they cannot stand any more migratory waves, or the work positions are not so good, and the unemployment is increasing, and start to think rising diamonds like Poland which can offer you a strong experience and a new way of life. As mentioned above Poland provides to its new workers’ educational seminars and constant training in order to keep them in the frontline of development, as well as other privileges such as support with the accommodation, the food and other financial assistance programs for those who move to Poland.

Advantages you will have if you move in Poland

Advantages you will have if you move in Poland

What About the Bureaucracy If I Move to Poland?

This may be the hardest part if you move to Poland, but after the big migratory wave Poland accepted last years, there are new rules and laws adapted to the conditions and friendly to the immigrants. If you are a European citizen then you don’t need a work permit, unlike non-EU people who want to move to Poland, which need it.

The good news to this though is that the primary role of Eurasia is to bring you the job vacancies in Poland but also take care of all the bureaucratic procedures and make sure we hand you your working permit ahead of moving to Poland. For more information, you can call us at +48 795 458 406 also visit Eurasia website to start your job search.