“WORK AND STUDY IN POLAND”, This article could be divided into 2 sections, the people who want to work in Poland and the others who want to study there, but no! The article is focused on people who want to combine studies with A job in Poland because it is a country which gives you the opportunity to do this comfortable.

Why Poland offers the chance to work and study at the same time?

Poland in the last years has been in a rapid rhythm of growth and for that reason developed a policy that motivates young people to work and study in Poland at the same time, in order to gather experience and knowledge that can not be inferred from the theoretical knowledge offered by the university.

The benefits of work and study in Poland for the Students

In that way, when the students finish their studies, they already have work experience and they already have been working either in a company or in any other job, which means that they collected skills that will benefit them in their future career. Work and study in Poland can also benefit students in the university because excluding that the job may offer knowledge relevant to the studies, it also expands the student’s horizons teaching him how to think in logic sequence and in-depth, which finally affects the way he studies and attributes in the school.

The benefits of work and study in Poland for the Companies.

Companies are also benefited from this policy as they hire pupils for semi-occupation, apparently with lower wages and much work to be done is completed by the students and not the regular employees, who would be the only responsible for completing the work in opposite case. In that way, it is achieved decompression of the employees with fewer responsibilities, which therefore create immediately a better working climate with bigger productivity. On the other hand, the students learn the structure of a company by working from the low stages and after the upgrades, they manage to achieve the best possible result for the company. The results of this policy of work and study in Poland are amazing.


Why To Work And Study In Poland?

Obviously, there are several countries where you can go for studies but work and study in Poland at the same time in order to support financially your student life makes you move a step further. Poland is unique in that field providing quite many reasons to choose this country instead of other European countries.

  1. Educational heritage:

    In Poland belong some of the oldest and most prestigious universities of the world with sophisticated any more disciplines and extremely innovative learning processes in many languages which make work and study in Poland number one destination especially, for international students.

  2. Multicultural companies:

    Promote intercultural relations, hiring staff from all over the world in order to be in the center of technology and innovation. It is considered that collaborating minds with different stimuli and experiences, bring spectacular results, so don’t worry that you will have trouble finding a job.

  3. Cost of living:

    Regarding the tuition fees, we can say that they are at the most competitive prices compared to other European countries. Moreover, accommodation can be provided by the dormitories, especially for international students and for the food you can be addressed to several student-food clubs. What about the cost of living generally, Poland is considered as one of the cheapest countries in Europe. In that way, work and study in Poland will make your life much easier.

  4. Bureaucracy:

    Is the hard part of Poland, but nothing is unsolved! You will need a visa, a residence permit, and a work permit. The work permit will be requested by your employer, but for the other documents, you are the only responsible.


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